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Don Dimi Originals
Don Dimi is more than wearing clothes; It's wearing a captivating story. Each piece we offer is a commitment to celebrating humility, embracing diverse cultures, and fostering personal growth through art
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World of Pi
“World of Pi” is the realm of art through the perspective and creative expression of artist Pascale Blanchard. The artistic domain known as "World of Pi" delves into the unique perspective and creative expressions of artist Pascale Blanchard. In an interview with DonDimi Collective regarding the name, Pascale chuckled and clarified that she blended the sounds of the English letter P with the French pronunciation of Pi – the mathematical value 3.1416 encoded in the fabric of life. When questioned about incorporating such a mathematical value into art, she elucidated that, like Pi, creation is boundless, and the process of artistic expression is ceaseless.
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Chris Puddy
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Don Dimi Originals

Hey, I'm Don Dimi, a soul on a dual journey in the realms of music and fashion. Originating from the vibrant cultural tapestry of Haiti and now rooted in the dynamic spirit of the Dominican Republic, I bring you a unique blend of beats and threads that transcend boundaries.

World Of Pi

Pascale Blanchard has been a graphic designer for as long as she can recall. Hailing from Haiti, colors have always been an integral part of her life. When the urge to unleash vibrant hues arises, she turns to pastels and papers, and later on, to canvas and acrylics. When questioned about the trajectory of this visual journey, she once again smiles and responds, "Who knows, it's the World of Pi…!"

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Don Dimi isn’t just a clothing line; it’s a celebration. With our emblem, the “hands in praise” emoji, and the name “Don Dimi” nestled between, we invite you to wear more than clothes; wear a captivating story.