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Hey, I’m Don Dimi, a soul on a dual journey in the realms of music and fashion. Originating from the vibrant cultural tapestry of Haiti and now rooted in the dynamic spirit of the Dominican Republic, I bring you a unique blend of beats and threads that transcend boundaries.
Dimitri Godefroy | Don Dimi Collective

The Music Journey:

In the world of music, I am Don Dimi, a creator who doesn’t just follow the notes; I create them. Fluent in French, Creole, English, and Spanish, I speak the universal language of music. Music theory? Nah, I go by what feels right, crafting beats that are uniquely mine. Exciting tunes, surprising collaborations, and exclusive content await you as we embark on this global musical adventure.

The Fashion Odyssey:

Embark on a fashion odyssey with Don Dimi Collective, where the journey is as captivating as the destination. Our commitment to excellence echoes through each stitch, with garments crafted from premium, eco-friendly fabrics that embrace both comfort and sustainability. We believe in a fashion narrative that transcends trends, focusing on timeless designs and enduring quality. At Don Dimi, every piece is a testament to our dedication to the highest standards, marrying exquisite craftsmanship with an eco-conscious ethos. Join us on this odyssey, where each garment tells a story of quality, style, and a deep respect for the planet. It’s more than fashion; it’s a voyage into a world where impeccable design meets responsible practices, inviting you to be part of a collective commitment to a stylish and sustainable future.

At dondimi.com, you’re not just a visitor; you’re a fellow storyteller in this vibrant narrative of music, culture, and style. Explore, create, and celebrate with us as we redefine the boundaries of expressions!

Don Dimi Don Dimi Don Dimi Don Dimi Don Dimi Don Dimi Don Dimi


At Don Dimi Collective, our mission is to empower artists, celebrate diverse cultures, and redefine fashion as a canvas for cultural expression. We strive to provide a platform where artists, regardless of their background, can showcase their creations on a global stage. Through our unique collections, we aim to bridge the gap between art and fashion, fostering a community that embraces the beauty of cultural diversity


Our vision is to create a global movement where artistic expression knows no boundaries. Don Dimi Collective envisions a world where every piece of clothing is a testament to the richness of different cultures, and where artists find recognition and sustainable opportunities for their work. As we expand our reach, we aspire to establish Don Dimi Collective as a symbol of cultural pride, artistic innovation, and a pioneer in the intersection of fashion, art, and global unity.

Dimitri Godefroy | Don Dimi Collective
Dimitri Godefroy / CEO
Larissa L Joseph / CMO
Regine G / CFO

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